14 family members contract COVID-19 after backyard barbecue

A family is mourning and hoping for healing after 14 family members were infected by the virus.

A one-time gathering has deeply affected the family and those who love them.

After spending months apart, the family thought it was safe to get together for a small backyard BBQ.

None of them felt sick at the time. Days later, 14 family members would test positive for COVID-19. One died from the virus. Another remains on a ventilator.

“Everyone has reassured me that it’s not my fault, but it’s my home,” the 43-year-old said.

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Green and his partner hosted a small get together for both their parents in mid-June. The six of them felt fine at the time and went on

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Iggy Azalea Reveals Her Baby Boy’s Name

Without further ado, Iggy Azalea would like to introduce her son Onyx Carter.

The “Fancy” rapper revealed her son’s name on Instagram this Tuesday, just over a month after announcing his arrival. She shared an audio recording of herself talking to her “baby boy,” which was watermarked “Amethyst & Onyx.” 

Seeing as the star’s real name is Amethyst, followers were able to surmise that the 30-year-old named her son, Onyx, in the similar style. One person remarked on the post, “Your names go so well together omg,” to which Iggy responded, “We besties forever.”

Earlier this week, there was some speculation that the Australia native and rumored partner had named their first son, Gilbert. But, in another Instagram comment, the rapper shut that rumor down. “I’m okay with y’all joking ‘n all but let it be known I didn’t name my child that. Lmao,” she replied, according

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What Is a Reborn Doll?


A reborn doll.
Photo: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty

In Servant, before you learn the wealthy couple’s names at the center of the Apple TV+ show, or even get an unobscured view of them, you think: baby. As opening credits roll in the first episode, a woman leans over a crib in a dimly lit nursery with a white rocking chair and wooden rocking horse. Then, the doorbell rings: Dorothy and her partner, Sean, are greeting a woman they’ve hired to be a live-in nanny. But as the episode progresses, viewers find out that Dorothy’s baby died when he was 13 weeks old — and what she’s been caring for is actually a “reborn,” a realistic doll closely modeled after an infant.

The concept of a realistic doll is nothing new (and in fact, a recent lawsuit alleges that the plot of Servant, reborn and all, is too

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Playing with dolls predicts quality of fathering

Ever since it has become almost required that parents-to-be attend birth classes and destroy forests with the endless acquiring of books of advice, plenty of new fathers can be seen walking around all puffed up, full of expert knowledge and apparent confidence.

But how can they know if they’re actually up to the job of parenthood, which is ultimately about dealing with many things you don’t know, and being open to everything new and strange.

An Ohio State University experiment found a way.

They put a soon-to-be new dad and a baby doll together for five minutes, and ask the man to play with that doll.

The experiment found this was a pretty accurate predictor of the quality of their parenting when the real baby arrived.

Not the cutest kid in the world, and maybe that was the point when testing future fathers. Photo: OSU

According to a statement from

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