Day: June 27, 2020

Benefits and Guidelines for Safe Practices

In the realm of prenatal yoga, Singapore offers a few options for pregnant mothers to follow along if you are already a practitioner yourself or even take up as a beginner, this restorative and often calming practise that is touted to be laden with benefits for both the mother and the baby

theAsianParent talks to a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher at COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, Sarah Manning, who gives us an in-depth look into the benefits of yoga when pregnant and after delivery, and the times when it is safe to engage in exercise. 


prenatal yoga Singapore
prenatal yoga Singapore

Prenatal yoga, Singapore classes in session at COMO. Source: COMO

Prenatal yoga, Singapore classes 

Benefits of prenatal yoga for the pregnant mother

According to Sarah, prenatal yoga poses many benefits for the pregnant mother. They are listed below in order of importance. 

  • Allocation of time and attention to self: Women have

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