Day: July 5, 2020

I Would Have Likely Failed The Pre-Fatherhood ‘Baby Doll’ Test

If you are trying to decide if the man you are with will make a good father, the best thing you can do is have them play with baby dolls. I know what I wrote sounds childish, or perhaps counterintuitive. I mean, come on… if you are trying to decide if your man can rise to the very adult responsibility of being a supportive, understanding, and compassionate father, the last thing you would think of is having him play with a child’s toy.

However, according to a new study published in  Journal of Family Psychology, you can tell a lot about a man’s ability to be a good father by having them role play with a baby doll.

Researchers videotaped 182 expectant fathers during the third trimester of their partners’ pregnancy, observing how the men interacted with a doll that they were told represented the baby they were

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