Day: December 30, 2020


Four is a wild and woolly age for children. No doubt your toddler is a PERFECT angel – however he could not look the part at first. If you had a vaginal delivery, the bones of your child’s head shifted and overlapped so he could go via the birth canal. That tends to make for a pointy, cone-formed head. No need to worry – the infant’s head will get more rounded in a few week. Infants delivered buttocks first or ft first, or by cesarean section, may not have elongated heads.

Wearable blankets (2 or three):¬†These fleece or cotton sacks zip over your baby’s sleepwear and preserve him heat at evening. They substitute conventional blankets, which aren’t secure for sleeping babies because of the risk of SIDS. Some wearable blankets are also designed for swaddling, with flaps that fold over your baby’s arms and safe with Velcro.

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