Day: February 8, 2021

Woman told her ovaries were ‘dead’ says new diet helped her fall pregnant

A woman who was told her ovaries were “dead” after battling breast cancer has told how she defied the odds to have a second child.

Gemma Isaacs, 33, claims a vegan diet helped her fall pregnant with her “miracle” baby boy, who was born last year.

The Londoner, already mum to daughter Ella, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018 when she was only 31 even though she did not have a lump or any other common symptoms.

Gemma underwent radiotherapy and a double mastectomy, and later found out she had the BRCA1 gene mutation, which puts women at greater risk of both breast and ovarian cancer.

Doctors told her that her ovaries were “dead”, and she considered having them removed.

Gemma Isaacs and her husband Daryll in hospital with their newborn son
Gemma and her husband Daryll after the birth of their son last August

She later adopted a vegan

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Anne Hathaway shares how climax of upcoming quarantine heist film Locked Down was filmed at Harrods

Anne Hathaway revealed the backstory of how her upcoming quarantine heist movie Locked Down filmed at Harrods on Tuesday during a talk show visit.

The 39-year-old Oscar-winning actress while appearing remotely on The Tonight Show Starry Jimmy Fallon in a bright red dress first shared the plot of the HBO Max film also starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, 43.

‘We play two people in a long-term relationship that has run its course the day after we have our, like, can’t-take-it-back, end-it-all, rager of a fight,’ Anne told Jimmy, 46.

Movie climax: Anne Hathaway revealed the backstory of how her upcoming quarantine heist movie Locked Down filmed at Harrods on Tuesday during a talk show visit

‘My character gets a call that one of my co-workers is experiencing symptoms, and we are now to be locked down with each other for 14 days in quarantine and we sort of lose our minds, find

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NFL Assists Program That Offers Families Guidance During A Baby’s First 1000 Days

Beyond the Super Bowl game, and the parties and other festivities attached to it, the NFL tries to leave a legacy in the host city by assisting community groups and other non-profits.

One such effort announced by the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee leading up to the game is “The First 1000 Days.”

The Tampa Bay Pilot Program is inspired by the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, which researchers say represents a significant window of development. In that time, a child develops a majority of their brain cells, building a foundation for language development.

The host committee is teaming up with Tampa General Hospital, Advent Health, Healthy Start Coalitions, the Early Learning Coalitions, Florida Blue, PNC Bank and United Way Suncoast to launch this initiative.

This pilot program is one of the “pillars” of the host committee’s Forever 55 legacy program.

It will provide 20 disadvantaged

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Eng’s Heritage food poisoning: Pregnant woman says she vomited and had diarrhoea over 100 times, Singapore News

It was just a simple bowl of wonton noodles, but it was enough to land one pregnant woman in hospital with food poisoning.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News, the woman, who is seven months pregnant, said she was warded for five days. She also vomited and had diarrhoea over 100 times after eating at Eng’s Heritage’s Northpoint City outlet on Jan 7.

The 30-year-old had visited the wonton noodle chain with her husband, 32.

Mere hours after eating there, her husband began experiencing sudden sharp pain in his abdomen, she recounted.

He also had diarrhoea “till his legs were wobbly and he felt faint”.

“As for me, it was about 5am when I started vomiting and having diarrhoea. After tossing and turning the whole night, we rushed to a gynaecology clinic as we were worried the baby would be affected,” she said.

Fortunately, the doctor reassured her that

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