Day: March 27, 2021

Stream “Stephanie Daley,” a Bold and Insightful Film About Teen Pregnancy

Unavailability condemns many good films to oblivion, depriving viewers of unknown pleasures and deforming the history of the art. One movie that I’d been impatient to see again, Hilary Brougher’s second feature, “Stephanie Daley,” from 2007, had not been available to stream until recently, as far as I could tell. It recently turned up on Tubi, one of the new generation of free-streaming sites that the industry calls AVOD, or advertising-based video on demand, on which viewing is free of charge but movies are interrupted with commercials. This site is an enormous grab-bag, offering a small batch of rare classics (such as “David Holzman’s Diary,” “Rendezvous in Paris,” and “Stroszek”) along with a wide variety of familiar and unfamiliar films from recent years.

“Stephanie Daley,” which I saw and wrote about enthusiastically at the time of its release, is well worth revisiting, both for its great artistic merits and

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