Year: 2021

Wolf administration increases base payment rates for some child care providers

(WKBN) – Governor Tom Wolf announced Monday an increase to base rates paid to child care providers participating in Child Care Works (CCW), Pennsylvania’s subsidized child care program. 

CCW helps make child care affordable for lower-income, working families and allows parents to go to work knowing their children are being cared for and learning in safe, loving environments. 

Increasing base rates helps all providers who participate in the program invest in services offered for children in care, staff development and compensation and overall quality of their child care facility.

“Child care is essential for a functioning economy. Investments in this industry benefit us in two different ways.  They support communities and the families that rely on care to join the workforce every day and nurture the growth and development of young minds as they prepare for grade school and later long-term success,” Wolf said. “Increasing base reimbursement rates is an

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ExplorationWorks helping health care workers by providing child care, looking toward reopening

HELENA — ExplorationWorks has been closed to the public since March due to the pandemic. During that time, the nonprofit education museum has found ways to adapt while also helping their community.

Since September ExplorationWorks has been providing child care for children of St. Peter’s Health staff.on school days where classes are held remotely.

“Being that school is so irregular this year, many [St. Peter’s families] didn’t have anywhere to put their kids,” said Enrichment Program Supervisor Jami Campbell.

The program focuses on helping with homework with one-on-one help while also providing games and crafts for the kids to participate in.

“We have set aside schoolwork time. The great thing about it is we do have the staff to offer tutoring or one-on-one help to those that do need it,” said Campbell. “We also have a great space for them to run around and be energetic and separate places for

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Did the pandemic impact child care costs?

Iowa ranked 13th on a state-by-state list of average child care cost increases, comparing pre-pandemic times to during the pandemic.

Child care costs across the nation have increased because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A study by Lending Tree looked at child care costs before the pandemic vs. during the pandemic.  Nationwide, child care centers saw a 41% increase in yearly cost per child. 

On a list of state-by-state cost increases, Iowa ranks 13th, with a 60% jump.  Before the pandemic, child care cost an average of $9,443 per child per year; during the pandemic, that amount rose to $15,090.

Illinois ranks 25th on this list, after child care costs jumped 45% during the pandemic.  Their yearly child care cost rose from $11,498 to $16,687.

Georgia saw a 115% jump, the largest increase of all 50 states. South Dakota saw the smallest jump, 8%, at less than $1,000 extra per child

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Child-care center to be demolished; no plans for new facility | Campus

Many Purdue families feel left with few options after the University announced its plans to shut down Patty Jischke Early Care and Education Center on June 1.

“The center closing came as a giant shock when parents were notified on Wednesday,” said Amanda Mayes, a senior research associate in human development and family studies, and a mother of a child in the center.

Mayes said families had always been under the impression that the construction of a new child-care center would be concurrent with the closure of the Early Care and Education Center. But no new center has yet been constructed, she said.

Alexander Francis, chairman of the University Senate’s faculty affairs committee, said that although the senate had not yet made an official statement on the matter, “both the faculty affairs committee and the equity and diversity committee will be addressing this.”

“I will say that I hope that

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