Emmerdale’s Amy Walsh ‘gutted’ she can’t act with real newborn baby due to COVID

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 19 February 2021

Amy Walsh

Amy Walsh’s ‘Emmerdale’ character Tracy Metcalfe is to give birth next week, and the 33-year-old star is disappointed she isn’t able to act alongside a real newborn baby at the moment, due the coronavirus pandemic

‘Emmerdale’ star Amy Walsh is “gutted” she cannot act with a real baby at the moment, due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

The 33-year-old actress’ character Tracy Metcalfe will give birth next week after her waters break in the village, and Amy is disappointed she hasn’t been able to hold a real-life newborn to act out her post-birth scenes.

She said: “I’m gutted at the moment we can’t have a real baby, we’re using dolls.

“I’m a little bit gutted, because I love newborn babies.

“But obviously it would be way too risky.

“So I’m glad we’re being safe in that department.”

Amy is also going to miss Tracy’s baby bump when the character gives birth, as while it can be “a bit uncomfortable”, it warmed her up on a chilly day in the Dales.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz and other media, she added: “I do love the bump. Everyone says it really suits me.

“But also the warmth of it.

“It does get a bit uncomfortable if you’re doing a full day in it, but all in all I have loved it and I will miss it.”

Amy recently admitted her friends told her to pretend she had been “hit by a bus and beaten up by a professional boxer” when acting out her ‘Emmerdale’ labour scenes.

She said: “I just really love a challenge in this show, of something I’ve not experienced myself necessarily.

“There’s loads of stuff I’ve not experienced myself, but there’s always stuff that I can kind of relate to in some way.

“But this took a bit more prep and research, which came very easily from basically every friend I’ve got and both of my sisters.

“I sent some messages out the night before asking for tips.

“Some came back saying, ‘Just imagine being hit by a bus and then being beaten up by a professional boxer, and then being rolled down a concrete hill and you’re about there.’

“But I loved it.”