Little Chute school counselor dies giving birth to sixth child

LITTLE CHUTE, Wis. (WBAY) – The number of women who die during childbirth is on the rise in the U.S, according to the CDC. It has struck a local community with heartbreak, as it grieves the loss of an Appleton mother who died in January giving birth to her sixth child. Molly McGinnis was only 45 years old. She was also a school psychologist in Little Chute.

“The way that she impacted every person that she touched, the friendships that she had, the relationships that she built, the vulnerability that she showed, the real person that she was, she didn’t fake it, she just was what she was in all that she was,” said Lisa Gretz, a School Counselor for the Little Chute Area School District. Lisa Gretz and Molly were not only co-workers, but also friends.

Molly was a daughter, mother, partner, friend, and sister.

“Just had a sense of humor and a laugh, and always came back with comments, we always said she had a wit about her, and loved playing with dolls, and that doesn’t surprise me now that I see her with all the kids that she had, she loves kids,” said Kerry Brockmann, Molly’s sister.

Also a fierce advocate for kids, Molly’s passion was her work as a little chute school psychologist, and she touched countless lives doing it.

“I think one of her greatest qualities is that she was so vulnerable, she’s not perfect, none of us are, and she was able to share that with her students, which made it that much easier for her students to share themselves with her, so after she passed a number of students reached out, wrote letters, and just talked about the impact that she made on their life,” said Gretz.

However, her most favorite role of all was being a mom. She never got to meet her newborn baby Drew but he is not alone. He has five other brothers and sisters, and Molly lives on through the six of them.

“Molly is that person that would have dropped everything to help somebody else, no matter what, running her kids and getting up, not getting enough sleep, we would like to remember her as just that kind, spirited, funny…. that laugh….” said Brockmann.

Friends and loved ones have set up a Go Fund Me Page to support Molly’s family.

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