Jerusalem family of six, unable to pay rent, relocates to the lake

Avidan Ofir, his wife, and their four children were recently forced out of their Jerusalem residence after losing their ability to pay rent, following the financial crisis brought on by the novel coronavirus.
“Shortly after Passover, we realized that we could not continue to pay the rent in Jerusalem,” Ofir explained the situation in an interview with N12 on Sunday. 

“So, about three months ago, we moved to live in a spring in Jerusalem, near Aminadav. Then, after a long job search, I had the option to come and work here, so we decided to go down to the area of ​​Zikim,” he explained.

“You can see behind me the tent and a tarp we put up so that we would not be in the sun,” Ofir described their lives on the lake. “There are tents there and I’ve also built such a small kitchen. We wanted to be here

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United States ranks second to last for raising a family: index

Parents might be surprised to hear this.


The United States has been ranked among the worst countries in several categories that make up the Raising a Family Index created by research travel site Asher & Lyric, which based its study on six criteria.

The website, which was started by couple Asher Fergusson and Lyric Benson-Fergusson, researched “35 OECD countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) to see which are the best for raising a family in 2020,” the infographic shares.

The highest-rated nations were all in Europe – Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which each getting an A+ final index score.

The highest-rated nations were all in Europe – Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland, which each getting an A+ final index score.


The “definitive ‘Raising a Family Index’ is comprised of 30 critical statistics from trusted international sources.” Each country is given a score based on these statistics

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14 family members contract COVID-19 after backyard barbecue

A family is mourning and hoping for healing after 14 family members were infected by the virus.

A one-time gathering has deeply affected the family and those who love them.

After spending months apart, the family thought it was safe to get together for a small backyard BBQ.

None of them felt sick at the time. Days later, 14 family members would test positive for COVID-19. One died from the virus. Another remains on a ventilator.

“Everyone has reassured me that it’s not my fault, but it’s my home,” the 43-year-old said.

MORECoronavirus coverage

Green and his partner hosted a small get together for both their parents in mid-June. The six of them felt fine at the time and went on

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What is attachment parenting?

One of the first decisions new parents make is how they will raise their child and parenting styles often differ based on values and ideals.

Attachment parenting, a parenting approach coined by pediatrician William Sears based on research that originated in the 1930s by child development psychiatrist John Bowlby, focuses on a nurture-based connection with children rooted in emotional bonds.

Attachment parenting theory

Dr. Shannon Curry, clinical psychologist and director of the Curry Psychology Group in Orange County, California, expanded on the basis for Bowlby’s attachment theory.

“Bowlby recognized a pattern of neglect or dysfunctional caretaking that had occurred in the early developmental years of the children with more severe behavioral and emotional issues,” she told TODAY Parents. “He developed a theory that the primary caregiver served as ‘psychic organizer’ for the child, and that this initial relationship served as the child’s framework for the world. As such, a child’s

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