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Quality, affordable well being and dental insurance coverage for kids. Beware of oversnacking. Generally the problem is not that the child doesn’t like new meals but that they are already full, says Ward. “Kids can consume lots of their calories as milk and juice.” Encourage the children to drink water moderately than juice once they’re thirsty. You can also create flavored waters by adding a splash of their favorite juice to glowing or nonetheless water. The identical goes for snacks that present little more than energy, corresponding to chips, sweets, and sodas. “If you’ll provide snacks, make sure that they’re supplementing meals, not sabotaging them,” she says.

Welcome to KidzCare Pediatrics the place one can find well being care professionals devoted to offering the highest quality medical care to our sufferers and families. We’ve had the privilege of offering pediatric care in NC since 2003. A few of the data … Read More

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Quality, reasonably priced health and dental insurance coverage for teenagers. You can apply on-line for AHCCCS Medical Help, Diet Help, and Money Help utilizing Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus). You can apply for your self, your loved ones, or somebody near you. For years, parents have debated what looks as if a simple enough query: is daycare bad for kids? Unfortunately, there is still no definitive on the lengthy-term effects of daycare, but there are steps dad and mom can take to provide their kids the best daycare expertise.

Some dad and mom preserve their youngsters dwelling out of guilt, thinking it’s better for them to care for his or her kids than anyone else. But you need to be conscious that even in the event you work from home, it is probably not in your child’s finest interest to keep them dwelling. Being dwelling and bored shouldn’t be necessarily higher than … Read More

‘High levels of toxic heavy metals’ found in tested baby foods

(NEXSTAR) – A host of top baby foods are contaminated with heavy metals, a new congressional report found.

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform conducted the study, finding “high levels of toxic heavy metals” in certain baby foods, including arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury.

The report references a 2019 study that found 95 percent of baby foods tested contain toxic chemicals, including lead and arsenic.

Four companies, including Nurture, Beech-Nut, Hain and Gerber, responded to the committee’s request for information. Walmart, Campbell and Sprout Organic Foods refused to cooperate.

Exposure to heavy metals can cause “permanent decreases in IQ, diminished future economic productivity and increased risk of future criminal and antisocial behavior in children,” according to the report. Toxic heavy metals also endanger infant neurological development and long term brain function.

The results from the study found “multiples

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New report finds “toxic heavy metals” like arsenic and mercury in popular baby foods

Baby food from several of the country’s largest manufacturers are “tainted” with toxic heavy metals, according to a disturbing new government report.

The report, released Thursday morning, says those baby foods have “significant levels” of substances including lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury. The metals can be especially dangerous to babies’ and toddlers’ brain development.

Parents often say they are looking for the healthiest, safest food for their babies. But as Connecticut mom Carrie Kerner found out, it’s difficult to look for something you may not even be aware of.

“I just looked for the ingredients,” Kerner told CBS News consumer investigative correspondent Anna Werner. “If there was any added preservatives, sweeteners or added sugars, I wouldn’t buy it, so I basically just wanted to get organic.”

Kerner had her first child, Chloe, a year ago. Ever since, she said she has been paying close attention to what is in

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