Will Smith, Jimmy Fallon, & More Celeb Fathers Share the First Time They Held Their Baby in ‘Dads’

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Clear a few hours from your schedule, because Apple TV+ just dropped a new documentary you’re going to want to watch — especially this weekend. Called Dads, it centers on modern fatherhood which, as you might imagine, makes it pretty perfect for Father’s Day weekend. But even beyond the oh-so-salient timing, it’s a must-watch if you want a super-sweet reminder of just how great (and adorably, irrevocably, unabashedly taken by their kids) dads can be. 

This ought to tell you just how hard the film will tug on your heartstrings: It was produced by the same people responsible for the tearjerking family drama Parenthood. Only, Dads resonates even more because they’re from real people — real dads with real-life struggles, joys and, yes, plenty of LOL-inducing moments. It’s basically a love letter to fatherhood. It’s also a nice switch-up in point-of-view. While

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I’m The Father Of A Newborn Baby Girl But I Won’t Be A ‘GirlDad.’ Here’s Why.

The author and Molly, his daughter, in April. (Photo: Courtesy of Arran Skinner)
The author and Molly, his daughter, in April. (Photo: Courtesy of Arran Skinner)

When you first meet your kid you feel love for her, but she’s mostly a screaming, helpless puddle of pudge. You love her but, also, you don’t know her. She hasn’t fully formed or come into being yet. How do you love a thing you do not know?

After a few months or so that little pudgeball starts to smile ― really smile ― at you, starts to chortle when you peekaboo in a funny voice, starts to turn and look and twinkle when you call her name. It’s the strangest and nicest feeling to have your heart swell with love as this happens and this tiny little human starts her journey of becoming.

With the birth of my daughter Molly, some might say I became a ”GirlDad.”  

That term was created in recognition of Los Angeles

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Playing with dolls predicts quality of fathering

Ever since it has become almost required that parents-to-be attend birth classes and destroy forests with the endless acquiring of books of advice, plenty of new fathers can be seen walking around all puffed up, full of expert knowledge and apparent confidence.

But how can they know if they’re actually up to the job of parenthood, which is ultimately about dealing with many things you don’t know, and being open to everything new and strange.

An Ohio State University experiment found a way.

They put a soon-to-be new dad and a baby doll together for five minutes, and ask the man to play with that doll.

The experiment found this was a pretty accurate predictor of the quality of their parenting when the real baby arrived.

Not the cutest kid in the world, and maybe that was the point when testing future fathers. Photo: OSU

According to a statement from

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Please Join Me in My Obsession With Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Bearded Dragon

In March, Chrissy Teigen announced that, years ago, she got breast implants.

In May, Chrissy Teigen explained that she planned to have her breast implants removed.

In June, Chrissy Teigen shared that she ate a cake shaped like her removed breast implants.

And then, just when it seemed as if the world was going to run out of Chrissy Teigen content and have to start all over from the beginning, I saw that Chrissy Teigen bought a lizard and named it Sebastian.

Sebastian is a bearded dragon, a Pogona vitticeps, a member of the reptile class, and an animal I have to exert myself to think of as different from a nephew or a cousin. Chrissy Teigen gifted him to her son, Miles, for his second birthday. But in a way, she also gifted Sebastian to me.

I appreciate that Chrissy Teigen is a dynamic and powerful woman who managed

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