Freakishly realistic dolls act as surrogate babies

Parenting these infants is a dream: They behave and sleep like a doll — because that’s what they are.

For some families in Iran, the prospect of having more children poses too much of an economic or emotional burden, but they still want another kid around — so many are turning to Maryam Aghayee’s hyper-realistic baby dolls as an alternative to a living infant.

“Many of the customers for these ‘Reborn’ baby dolls are those whose children are complaining of being only-children in their families, wanting a sibling,” Aghayee, 24, told Reuters. Her toys let parents quell their kids’ requests without actually birthing another human.

“Parents provide them with these dolls to stop their nagging and complaining,” she said.

Aghayee began fabricating dolls for fun, finding joy in coloring rosy cheeks into the silicon she uses for their faces and applying their delicate eyelashes and hair for a lifelike final

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Swaddling & Wearable Blankets For Babies

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Quarantine babies born during COVID give moms hope in 2020

Listen to our daily briefing:

Jenna and Jarrett Fletcher started the coronavirus pandemic with the news of a miscarriage in March. They were devastated.

“We went through a lot of grief from that right in the midst of COVID,” Jenna Fletcher said. “We had to be isolated from everyone, so it was a bit lonely and challenging, but we just had to trust God.”

A month later, as the world was going into lockdown, they conceived another baby. It was the end of April and they were elated.

Quarantine gave them ample opportunity to try again, the couple joked.

“We were so excited and felt so blessed, but also we were sort of anxious from the previous miscarriage,” Jenna said. “This whole process has been difficult, but also full of joy.”

The expecting parents thought COVID-19 might be over in a few weeks, but then the anxiety started to

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They’ve nurtured our babies through COVID-19 horrors; now, child care workers aren’t sure when they’ll get vaccinated

For the hundreds of thousands of low-income parents who rely on subsidized preschool services, those programs do much more than care for and educate their children. They provide nutritious meals and health screenings, resources to support housing stability and financial security.  

Teachers struggle to get vaccinated for COVID with chaotic rollout



That, advocates argue, attests to the crucial role such programs play in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout – and why early-childhood workers should be given priority for the shots.  

“Child care providers have really been on the front lines throughout the entire pandemic,” said Lauren Hogan of the National Association for the Education of Young Children. “They have been putting their own lives and livelihoods on the line since March to care for children and to make sure that families have a safe place to send their kids.”  

Start the day smarter. Get all

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