Scammers take advantage of reborn baby doll buyers

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Reborn dolls have been around for several decades among adult collectors as well as kids they remain popular, but when the sale of newborn dolls hit the internet market, scammers saw their opening to take advantage of unsuspecting customers.

One Knoxville woman who didn’t like the doll she bought, and tried to return it.

Aisha Moore wasn’t happy with the quality of the doll she received, so, she wrapped it up and said she sent it to the right address, but it came back as return to sender.

She believes she was scammed.

Moore searched reborn baby dolls on the internet in January. Moore, a day care worker, had seen ads about life-like dolls before.

Moore’s not a collector, she just wanted to share the doll with her niece when she visited.

“So I thought I would order a doll that looked real, very much real.

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‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy’s Second Baby Is Terrifying

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is introducing her second child to the world. However, after showing pictures off of this second kid, it’s causing many fans to become frightened.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Pregnant With Second Baby?

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton is sitting down to chat her with husband, Michael Halterman. While they’re talking, she brings up to her hubby about how she wants to lose more weight. She says she can see their newborn baby, Gage, walking around the park. Also, she imagines her son getting up to feed the duckies.

But, Amy from 1000-lb Sisters admits she wants to lose more weight. Her biggest goal is to drop another 120-lb. This is so she can be at 150-lb. But, she says she doesn’t want her son to be an only child. Also, she says that Little Bit, her dog, is Gage’s other sibling. Yet, she

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Eatontown Teachers GoFundMe Page for Premature Baby

David and Kate Ganz are devoted teachers from Eatontown and parents to two young daughters, Teagan and Emerson. Their newborn son is fighting for his life.

Late last summer, the couple were thrilled to learn that they were pregnant with a baby boy! This was a high-risk pregnancy, and because it occurred in the middle of a pandemic, Mom Kate was in and out of the hospital. A testament to the love of her students in the Neptune Public School District, Kate still taught virtually from her hospital bed. Her husband David also continued to teach at a charter school in Asbury Park.

Sadly, despite following doctors’ orders, she was diagnosed at 23 weeks with placental abruption, a potentially life-threatening condition for both mom and baby. Kate underwent intense treatment to save the baby’s life.

In what some would call a miracle, Kennedy Robert Ganz was born on January

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Hilaria Baldwin pumps milk while drinking wine after secretly welcoming sixth baby

Hilaria Baldwin has been sharing details of her life as a hands-on mum of six, after revealing she and husband Alec had welcomed a son just six months after giving birth to baby Eduardo.

Days after breaking the shock news, yoga guru Hilaria returned to Instagram to give an insight into how the family were adjusting.

The mum showed how she was coping by sharing a clip of her with a wine in hand as she pumped beast-milk.

Her actor husband could be seen in the background concentrating on washing the dishes.

“Dishes, pumping and wine… our life is hot,” said Hilaria.

Alec Baldwin washes dishes as Hilaria pumps breast milk and drinks wine
Hilaria Baldwin made light of her new family set-up

The mum then shared another photo of her eldest daughter Carmen, seven, playing with her Barbie doll collection.

“I think Carmen has more dolls than I do,” joked Hilaria.

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