Married woman living with three sex dolls snaps up synthetic babies to add to family

A married woman who snapped up a sex doll trio has added a synthetic baby to her family.

The woman from the US, identified only as Alex, has a “polyamorous” relationship with Larry, Lance and Landon, along with her husband.

Alex began posting pictures of her companions in 2016 and has since attracted hundreds of followers on Instagram.

Along the way, she has incorporated baby dolls called Victor and Victoria.

Alex has shared hundreds of pictures of her dolls in fancy dress, playing instruments, and lying naked in bed.

She earlier admitted that her husband was initially “very uncomfortable” when she started buying sex dolls.

Alex's sex dolls Larry, Lance and Landon
Alex’s sex dolls Larry, Lance and Landon along with their babies

Alex told Bloat Magazine: “Now that he has seen the positive changes in my life and how much more at ease I am,

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Can Anatomical Dolls Help Solve China’s Sex Ed Problem?

SHANGHAI — A crowd of curious adults watched as Chen Jing unzipped the pink cicatrix across the belly of a plush doll made to look like a girl. As she opened an abdominal compartment, a tuft of brown hair poked through. Chen carefully removed the “newborn” from the mother doll, its umbilical cord still attached.

“This is how you can explain to your children where babies come from if you’re too embarrassed to demonstrate with your own body,” she said.

It was Wednesday, and dozens of adults had gathered at a local school to attend a sex education class for parents of kindergarteners. The stars of the show: a pair of anatomically detailed dolls being touted as visual aids.

One of the most difficult questions Chinese parents face is, ‘Where do I come from?’

There was the boy doll with yellow

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These lifelike dolls are helping women heal

Reborn dolls are displayed at a doll show in Brentwood, England.

The first time Karolina Jonderko held a reborn doll, she was amazed at how lifelike it was.

It not only looked like a newborn baby, but it felt like one, too. It was as heavy as a baby should be. She had to support its neck like a baby. It even smelled like a baby.

“My mind was blown, seriously,” said Jonderko, a photographer based in Poland. “It really feels real.”

These dolls, crafted by artists around the world, can cost hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. They’re made of vinyl or silicone, and their realistic features can include veins, pores, tears and saliva. Some even have systems that mimic breathing and a beating heart.

Katarzyna sits with her reborn doll while her children play in a park in Warsaw, Poland.
A woman caresses the toes on
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Norma’s Kidz live on through dolls for people with dementia | News

Norma Wintz’s great-granddaughters looked into her eyes—eyes that had always beamed with light, joy, and love. But that day, the light and joy were barely flickering. Both had been dimmed by old age, and the disease of Alzheimer’s.

“I know you,” Norma said to the girls. “I can’t remember your names, but I know I love you.”

The girls’ hearts ached with pain and happiness at the same time. They hurt because Grandma Norma didn’t recognize them, but felt good that she could still feel the love.

The year was 2017, and Norma was in her late 80s at the time. She was a resident at the Falls City Care Center in Falls City, Neb., and had been since 2014, when she needed a place to recover after a fall at her home.

“We had hoped it would just be for a short time,” daughter Linda Frederick of Falls City

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