What It’s Like To Be Gen Z Parents Through the Pandemic

For many eager to start a family of their own, the pandemic provided an ideal window to settle down. For those with children, there were pros and cons that came with a changing work-life landscape. Along with the would-be millennial mums and working dads were Gen Zers.

We usually hear about Gen Z in the media as they relate to topics like TikTok, anxiety and climate change. Partly in response to that stereotyping, VICE sent photographer Chris Bethell on a trip around the UK to meet new young parents at their homes to talk about parenting styles and what it means to be a mum or dad during a pandemic.


VICE: Can you talk a bit about your parenting style?
Zoe: I would say it’s relaxed. I know a lot of people believe in really telling your children off and giving them a slight fear

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