Sarasota’s Kate Harris on Her Front-Row Seat During Brown v. Board of Education

Kate Harris

It’s not hyperbole to say that Sarasota’s Kate Miriam Clark Harris was born into a family that influenced the course of Black American history—particularly for Black children. Her parents, Drs. Kenneth Clark and Mamie Phipps Clark, were the first and second Black Americans to receive a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University.

The Clarks were best known for the iconic “doll study,” which examined the psychological effects of racial awareness in Black children ranging from 3 to 7 years old. The children were presented with identical dolls, one white and one black, and asked which they preferred to play with, which was the “nice” doll, which was the “bad” doll and, finally, which doll looked like them. The results of the study were that the children showed an unmistakable preference for the white doll and rejection of the Black doll.

Many credit the Clarks and their doll study

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Kate Middleton Shares the Parenting ‘Gold Dust’ She Wishes She Had as a First-Time Mom

Kate Middleton is lending her support to an initiative for new parents and their babies that she says she wishes was around when Prince George was born.

In a new interview with the BBC, the royal mom of three talks about how the new program, Tiny Happy People, is a perfect platform for parents. The language and literacy initiative aims to address the language gap among children aged under five across the U.K.

Referring to a new dad named Ryan and his 8-month-old daughter Mia, Kate says, “He’s learned a huge amount from Tiny Happy People. It’s information like that I wish I had had as a first-time mom.”

“It’s gold dust, really, for families to be given those tips and tools to be able to use, particularly in those first five years,” Kate says in the interview, which will air on BBC Breakfast in the U.K. on Tuesday.

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Kate and Rio Ferdinand’s baby announcement is a reminder that single parents can find the right fit again

Kate and Rio Ferdinand announce they are expecting a baby: Instagram/@rioferdy5
Kate and Rio Ferdinand announce they are expecting a baby: Instagram/@rioferdy5

I love a feel-good blub so I treated myself to watching Rio Ferdinand and his wife Kate Wright telling his three children that she’s pregnant. A gorgeous gamble. I mean you never know with kids. My son was almost six when his sister was born and seven years later, there are times when he’s still not entirely sure the whole thing was the best idea.

Ferdinand’s young children leapt up in joyful excitement. They jumped up and down and hugged and screamed in delight as their stepmum showed them her tiny bump.

Ferdinand’s first wife, Rebecca Ellison died of cancer in 2015, when the youngest of their children was just five. If you are as invested as I am in Ferdinand’s happiness, (if you watched his Bafta-winning documentary, Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad, how

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