Hilaria Baldwin Gives A Glimpse Into Her Life With Alec

Sometime after Hilaria Baldwin returned to Instagram on Feb. 5, 2021, her feed’s bio changed to include that she had become a “mama to six Baldwinitos.” The size of her growing brood with husband Alec Baldwin was not lost on Hilaria, as she poked fun at herself in a March 3rd Instagram story (via the Daily Mail). “I think Carmen has more children than I do,” she captioned a photo of daughter Carmen with her rather extensive line-up of Barbie dolls. Usually known for her casually glamorous shares of herself, Hilaria also posted a makeup-free selfie in her March 3rd Stories — a glass of wine in hand — tending to dishes alongside Alec, with the sardonic caption, “Dishes, pumping and wine… our life is hot (via Daily Mail).”

Not all of the commenters on Hilaria’s intimate familial posts were warmed by her attempts at self-deprecation. One

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Lannon woman creates life like baby dolls to bring people joy, healing

A former labor and delivery nurse, Melanie Peterson, said she would get a feeling of absolute “triumph” when she would hold a newborn she had just delivered.  

Then she would watch as the newborn cuddled into their parents’ arms. The parents would gaze in awe of the tiny details: the too-small fingers and toenails, tiny ears, fine eyelashes. 

“There’s just something calming about holding a newborn baby,” said Peterson, who lives in the village of Lannon with her husband, John, and five children. “Something so simple can bring such joy and peace.”

Those feelings of joy and peace are what Peterson hopes to elicit with her new hobby creating realistic baby dolls. 

Completed dolls are posted on her Noodles Reborn Nursery Facebook page, along with their outfits, names and descriptions. People interested in “adopting” one of her creations can message her. The cost, which typically runs $200 to

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