Scale Down That Baby Shower Registry to Just These Newborn Necessities

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For first-time moms, it’s easy enough to be convinced that you need to buy all the things anyone ever labeled “best newborn necessities” to do parenting right. Especially if one of those “baby experts” grabs hold of you in a big-box store and is ready to aim her powerful registry gun at everything in sight. But when I had my first, I quickly discovered there’s no such thing as doing it right. I also learned that a top-and-tail wash bowl is the biggest waste of money and time ever (FYI, just use two washcloths). By the time my third-born arrived in 2018, my list had been scaled significantly to much fewer items.

Big-ticket picks like a crib, stroller and car seat aside, here’s a list of 15 of the best newborn necessities to make the lives of new parents a

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I’m The Father Of A Newborn Baby Girl But I Won’t Be A ‘GirlDad.’ Here’s Why.

The author and Molly, his daughter, in April. (Photo: Courtesy of Arran Skinner)
The author and Molly, his daughter, in April. (Photo: Courtesy of Arran Skinner)

When you first meet your kid you feel love for her, but she’s mostly a screaming, helpless puddle of pudge. You love her but, also, you don’t know her. She hasn’t fully formed or come into being yet. How do you love a thing you do not know?

After a few months or so that little pudgeball starts to smile ― really smile ― at you, starts to chortle when you peekaboo in a funny voice, starts to turn and look and twinkle when you call her name. It’s the strangest and nicest feeling to have your heart swell with love as this happens and this tiny little human starts her journey of becoming.

With the birth of my daughter Molly, some might say I became a ”GirlDad.”  

That term was created in recognition of Los Angeles

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