Why Your Baby Freaks Out When You Stare at Your Phone

The still face experiment is disturbing. At first, a parent and baby play together, dad smiling and cooing, baby clapping her hands and laughing. Then, prompted by the researcher, the dad turns his face away from the stroller and when he turns back his face is completely expressionless. Baby tries to get dad to smile again, but he keeps up the flat affect, remaining neutral and unresponsive. Within a few minutes, the child dissolves, crying, squirming, and desperately trying to make a connection. On a second prompt, dad turns away again, and when he looks at baby again he’s his normal self, soothing the baby who quickly recovers. Baby forgets all and gets back to playtime as if nothing happened. Only the viewer is left shaken.

Parental attention is crucially important to the healthy development of babies and young children. You don’t need the still face experiment to understand

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How to capture your child’s firsts on a mobile phone, according to a baby photographer

Whether you’re busy snapping away on your phone or you’d rather let a photographer capture your baby’s first years, many parents find themselves taking more pictures than they used to when they’ve got children.

After all, these are precious moments that you won’t get back.

During the coronavirus pandemic, getting out and about with your baby – or during pregnancy – can be tricky and many mums-to-be have had to cancel pregnancy photoshoots. And not everyone has a high-tech camera at their disposal.

Photographer Suzi Bird explains how it is possible to expertly capture a baby’s firsts on your mobile phone.

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As part of Yahoo UK’s parenting video series The Baby Bump with Lauren Pope, the photographer starts by giving parents-to-be some tips on how to capture nice maternity photos.

She recommends starting by finding a nice airy space

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